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Wednesday, 30 December 2015


  1.  Hav          Balwant Singh Bhullar               PB 2301
  2.  Hav          MaJor Singh                              PB 2302
  3   Nk            Balwinder Singh                       PB 2303
  4   Nk            Bohar Singh                              PB 2304
  5   Nk            Balbir Singh                              PB 2305
  6   Hav          Darshan Singh                          PB 2306
  7   Nk            Balbir Singh                             PB 2307
  8   Hav          Major Singh                              PB 2308
  9   Smt         Gurvinder Kaur W/O                 PB 2309
                       Sep Major Singh                                               
 10  Smt         Angrez Kaur W/O                     PB 2310
                         Nk Naib Singh
 11  Hav         Pal Singh                                  PB 2311
 12  Smt         Surinder Kaur W/O                  PB 2312
                      Sub Bachan Singh
 13  Sep         Balwant Singh                          PB 2313
 14  Hav         Wazir Singh                             PB 2314

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Letter to SHQ regarding 7 CPC

To,                                                                                          Date: 15-Dec-2015

Chief of Army Staff
Chief of Naval Staff
Chief of Air Staff
Sub: Discrepancy arising out from 7CPC report for JCO/ORs
Dear Sirs,
We first introduce ourselves as an association named as "Armed Forces Veterans Association of India" for JCO & ORs raised for taking difficulties of other ranks of armed forces to appropriate authorities up to Govt.
We have studied 7 CPC report in detail and after discussing it within our forum, we have decided to write to all three of you as being our heads of the family and the appropriate authority for the subjects.
Following are the main concern of ours that need to be taken up on a serious note with govt of the day:

1.0          Fixation of Pension of Pre 2006 retiree

Clause (ii) 10.2.87 of 7 CPC report states and we quote, 
The second calculation to be carried out is as follows. The pension, as had been fixed at the time of implementation of the VI CPC recommendations, shall be multiplied by 2.57 to arrive at an alternate value for the revised pension." 
a)    The above clause provides for multiplication of pension as fixed by VI CPC by the multiplication factor 2.57. However, as you are aware that the pension of Pre 2006 JCOs & ORs have been revised thrice post 2006 on 1 July 09 vide PCDA circular 430,  24 Sep'12 vide PCDA circular 501 and 3 Sep'15 vide PCDA circular 547.  Further there will be another revision based on OROP notified dated 07.11.2015.
b)   Now our apprehension is which of the above pension amounts will be taken into account for the purpose of fixation of pension under seventh CPC effective from 01.01.2016? It may not be out of place to mention that the condition of 33 years of service for full pension has been withdrawn by VI CPC and also set aside by the highest court of this country and the decision of the GOI in this regard is expected soon.  We would also like to bring to your kind notice that if the above recommendation of seventh CPC is accepted by the GOI, there is a possibility that some of the JCO/ OR pensioners will draw less pension than what they are drawing now. 
c)    The following illustration will confirm the above apprehension:-
The current pension of a GP X Sergeant with 15 years of service is 6374/- Assuming that the Dearness Relief as on
 01.01.2016 is 125%, then his total pension will be 14342/-  But his pension as per the circular 547 has been reduced to Rs. 4883 and as per recommendation of seventh CPC under clause (ii)10.2.87, it will be 4883x2.57=12549/-. This option for fixation of pension is therefore illegal and arbitrary.
d)    Hence we request that the Service HQ may impress upon the GOI that pension drawn as on 31-Dec-2015 should only be considered for multiplication by factor 2.57. This will be just and fair and beneficial to JCO / ORs.

2.0           X Group Pay (Creating Group within Group)

At clause 6.2.88 of it's report seventh CPC recommends

a)    X pay for JCOs/ORs in Group X at ₹6,200 per month for all X trades which involve obtaining a qualification which is equivalent of a diploma recognised by AICTE. This amount is the difference in the minimum of the Pay level 6 (corresponding to Grade Pay of ₹4200 in VI CPC), and Pay level 5 (corresponding to Grade Pay of ₹2800 in VI CPC). 
b)   X pay for JCOs/ORs in Group X at ₹3,600 per month (standard fitment of 2.57 on the existing X pay of ₹1,400), for those currently in X pay, but not having a technical qualification recognised by AICTE.
c)    Introduction of two different X group pay is arbitrary and unscientific. If the existing homogeneous group of X group personnel are divided, it would not only lead to lowering their moral but will also create a chaotic situation. It would also result in a large number of X group personnel, especially belonging to Army drawing less pay than those who are currently drawing the same pay. It may also be mentioned here that all those who are in X group perform the same duties and responsibilities and therefore any difference in the pay within the group would be violative of the fundamental principle of ' same work; same pay'. Therefore this recommendation can only be applied for future recruitees. All existing X group personnel belonging to the Army, Navy and Air Force are entitled to the X group pay of 6200/- per month.
The services HQ may accordingly recommend to GOI.
3.0           X Group Pay to Havildar (and equivalent in Navy and Air Force) and above

The reason for rejecting service Headquarters demand for granting X group Pay to all Havildar and above is not logical owing to following reasons:

a) All Metric Entry who has rendered 15 years’ service is awarded with an Equivalent Graduation certificate vide Ministry of Personal public grievances and pension (DoPT) letter No. 15012/8/82 Est. D dated 12 Feb 1986 and the Gazette of India No.09 dated 01 March 1986.

b) A technical soldier with 10 years of service including training in the Engineering is considered eligible for a post which requires a degree in engineering with two years’ experience and or a Diploma with 7 years’ experience vide Gazette of India dated 05 November 1983 Part II page 530 MOD New Delhi.

c) A Havildar or equivalent is eligible to be appointed to the post charge man / Forman whose entry level qualification is Diploma.

In view of the above it is self-explanatory, the soldiers who complete 10 of service is eligible to be appointed for a post where degree and Diploma is the minimum qualification. Hence denying the Diploma scale to them within the service is a discrimination.

4.0         Military Service Pay (MSP) 

The seventh CPC vide clause 5.2.22 of it's report recommends, we quote
"the defence forces personnel, in addition to their pay as per the Matrices above, will be 
entitled to payment of Military Service Pay for all ranks up to and inclusive of Brigadiers and 
their equivalents”.

a)    The Commission recommends an MSP for the four categories of Defence forces personnel at ₹15,500 for the Service Officers, ₹10,800 for Nursing Officers, ₹5,200 for JCO/ORs, and ₹3,600 for Non Combatants (Enrolled) in the Air Force per month."
The difference in the quantum of MSP among officers and other ranks is also arbitrary.

b)     When all the personnel who are posted in hard living areas and forward posts are exposed to the same degree of risk and dangers how can the compensation on account of such exposure be different? The hardship and difficulties does not increase with the higher ranks. Further the seventh CPC specifically states that the early retirement of ORs also is a ground for grant of MSP to only defence personnel and this makes it all the more reasonable that the ORs are also paid the same MSP at par with the Commissioned-Officers.
The service HQ may accordingly seek for the modification of the above recommendation.

5.0          With reference to Para 6.2.73 of VII CPC report- Pay Parity with Civilians, sub para ii - Havildar and equivalent scale due to changes in Master Craftsmen Scale

a)    Havildar is equivalent to Master craft man and the same has been upgraded to  grade pay of Rs 4200.

b)   Nb Subedar is equivalent to Assistant in Central Govt service and its grade pay has been up graded to Rs 4600.

The justification for denying the same to services is discrimination to soldiers. The CPC has denied the upgradation of grade pay stating that armed forces personal are covered under MSP where as MSP is granted for conditions of service rendered by a soldier. The soldiers is put on duty for average 16 hrs a day without any overtime allowance, No family accommodation is provided in many duty stations, so in no way the MSP can be compensated for denying equal pay to its equal designation in civil service.

In this regard, we request HQ to take a firm stand on up gradation of grade pay of Havildar and equivalent to their civilian counterpart. The very justification given by MoD to 7th CPC is totally unjustified and biased.

Sir, we are of the firm opinion that the time has now come for us to stand up and demand our legitimate and genuine dues and it does not mean indiscipline by any stretch of imagination. We had also made representation to JS ESW but we find that acceptance of CPC is prerogative of service head quarter. We therefore request you to take all necessary steps so as to protect the interest of other ranks and to strengthen the relationship between leadership and its men further.
Sir we feel it is also time to tell those who talk in terms of any edge given being given to services by way of MSP and free ration, that we are ready give up MSP and ration provided that we are also made entitled to service up to 60 years age and 5 day week and 8 hours duty including restoration of all fundamental rights to us

Gurcharan Singh Sidhu
(Ex Hony Nb Subedar)
Chairman – AFVAI
Tel: 9810233443


Santosh Kumar Singh              
(Ex Petty Officer)
General Secretary- AFVAI
Tel: 9999084617