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Friday, 28 October 2016

AFVAI New Delhi <afvaindia@gmail.com>

Diwali greetings from AFVAI

AFVAI New Delhi <afvaindia@gmail.com>Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 11:59 AM

To: RMO <rmo@mod.nic.in>

Cc: <jsesw@nic.in>, us-pen-pol@desw.gov.in

The Hon'ble Defence Minister
New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Diwali greetings from AFVAI - an all India  association of, by and for Veterans from Other Ranks(ORs).
Sir, We are truly thankful for your latest statement made on the sidelines of the naval commanders’ conference that disparity in rank structure of defence officers with those in civil administration will be removed. We wholeheartedly welcome your initiative in this direction.

However we are also equally disappointed with your statement as it talks about only the officers and not  the Personnel Below Officers Level. It is an incontrovertible fact that the status of ORs of armed forces has also been progressively diluted over last few years. In addition, our pay scales have also been suppressed viciously by one pay commission after the other causing cumulative and heavy pecuniary loss to us.

The modus operandi is simple:
Apply the same scale of pay with lower 'maximum'  to defence personnel, than that of their civilian counterparts. This strategy is disadvantageous to both the serving and retired defence personnel since the status of a post and the defence pension are determined with reference to 'the maximum of the pay scale'. The strategy applied by one pay commission after the other, became a  vicious circle and as a result the disparities too have grown  progressively over a period of last 30 years.

While we don't have the complete data of dilutions, suppression of pay scales over the years, we can illustrate the above strategy with  the following representative examples:-

1.An X group Sergeant who was in the  scale of 1400-.... (Post IV CPC), was equivalent to a Junior Technical Assistant in the same scale in civil side. He was downgraded to the scale of 4670- **** ( Non Diploma category) & 5000 - 6500 (Diploma Category) by the V CPC and  both of them were placed in PB -1 with the grade pay of 2800/- by the VI CPC. While the X group pay of Rs.1400/- has only compensated him partially, it badly compromised his status and position in comparison with his civilian counterpart who was placed in PB2 with the grade pay of 4200/- and categorised as Group B( non- gazetted).

As a result his pay will get fixed @ 29200/-  plus 3600/- and 6200 'X' group pay for non diploma & diploma categories respectively, under the pay matrix recommended by VII CPC while the pay of his civilian counterpart got fixed @ higher level of 35400/-. The above numbers prima facie give an impression  that both of them are given same pay.  However as the X group pay will not count for the purpose of annual increment, he will stand to substantially lose not only in basic emoluments but also in basic centric allowances. This will also reduce his basic pension on retirement. The difference in X group pay for personnel performing the same duties and responsibilities is also legally not tenable.

Further, the comparison of the job profiles of both the above posts will definitely reveal that the Air Force Personnel indeed perform much more advanced and  higher quality technical job.  They are responsible for service and repair of  highly advanced combat aircraft and sophisticated warheads like Radars, missiles and other weapon delivery systems with zero tolerance for any errors, leave alone the failures.

2.This is equally true in the case of Army and Navy personnel. They are expected to ensure high level of  efficiency of combatants and all their entire weapon delivery systems so that the surgical strikes as and when  undertaken on land or sea are perfect and  successful with no casualties from our side and also to keep them battle fit all the time to win wars for our country. However the status of these personnel are much lower than the status of comparable civilian employees.

3. The situation is same in the admin, logistics and other support services. An LDC in the civil employment gets promoted as Assistant ( Group B non-gazetted) in PB2 with the grade pay of 4200/- within about 12-15 years time while an Army Havildar with same years of service remain far below in PB1 with the grade pay of 2800/- We can go on citing examples after examples of disparities. The list is indeed a long one.

But we would prefer to conclude this representation with an earnest appeal to you to examine all such  disparities of ORs as well and rectify them along with that of the defence officers, at the earliest.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully

Gen. Secretary


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