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Thursday, 15 December 2016

SUPPORT BY AFVAI to Pre-2006 Veterans at AFT-DELHI

SUPPORT BY AFVAI to Pre-2006 Veterans at AFT-DELHI:-

Veteran Friends, Case details filed for LAST RANK PENSION at Armed Forces Tribunal, Delhi. For Latest Status, Check on www.aftdelhi.nic.in
These Veterans are getting pension of Lower Rank because they could not complete 7 Months in LAST RANK HELD before Dischrge from Service i.e JWO Rank Veteran is getting Pension of SGT Rank due to 10 Month Rank Rule.
OA 1549/2016, MWO PRITAM SINGH & Others, Total: 2 Members,
S.No Name
1. 221504-L MWO N Chandra Sekharan
Current Status: OA 1549/2016 Ex MWO Pritam Singh & Ors. (Petitioner)
UOI & Ors. (Respondent) 18-01-2017
28-11-2016view PDF
with MA 1146/2016
OA1643 /2016, Ex JWO SUSHIL KUMAR SINGH & Others, 18 Members
S.No Name
1. 280352-T, Ex JWO M. Balusamy Rdo/Fit
2. 680955-F EX JWO Singh Vinod Kumar Rdo/Fit
3. 676322-L, EX JWO Kamlakar N Nisal AF/Fit
4. 680341-H, EX JWO V Venugopal
5. 653566-K EX JWO B K Kshirsagar Rdo/Fit
6. 674001-G EX JWO GurjantSingh Rdo/Fit
7. 6766004-S EX JWO S N Sah AF/Fit
8. 690320-L EX JWO Devraj Singh Rad/Fit
9. 676956-S, EX JWO AnnapareddyKrishnareddy AF/Fit
10. 679755-H, EX JWO SeshadriSrinivasadesigan AF/Fit
11. 684664-H, EX JWO RavindraNath Singh Rdo/Fit
12. 624932-R, EX JWO Suresh Pal Rdo/Fit
13. 683133-N, EX JWO Kailash Chandra Sharma Rdo/Fit
14. 681851-S, Ex-JWO Rajagopalan U Rdo/Fit
15. 281945, Ex-JWO Sethumadhavan K U Elect/Fit
16. 676879-B Ex-JWO Ramdas M AF/Fit
17. 677771-K Ex-JWO Jay Shankar Verma Eng/Fit
Current Status: OA 1643/2016 Ex JWO Sushil Kumar Singh & Ors. (Petitioner)
UOI & Ors. (Respondent) 15-12-2016 with MA 1226/2016
OA 1630/2016, SGT KRISHNA RAO & Others, Total: 6 Members
S.No Name
1. 262787 Sgt Sethumadhavan
2. 605790 Sgt Laltu Kumar Ray
3. 248133 Sgt Devinder Partap Singh Jaswal
4. 278745 Sgt Deen Dayal
5. 242306 Ex Sgt Balbir Singh
Current Status: OA 1630/2016 Ex Sgt K R Krishna Rao & Ors. (Petitioner)
UOI & Ors. (Respondent) 05-01-2017
13-12-2016 with MA 1218/2016
OA 1589/2016, GANGARAM TIKARE & Others, Total: 8 Members
S.No Name
1. 297192-H Ex JWO Ramanand
2. 677842-R Ex JWO Shashidhar Prasad Ojha
3. 227266-T Ex WO J P Awasthi
4. 675826-K, Ex JWO Anand Kumar
5. 629798 – K Ex JWO Srinivasan Sure
6. 617379-R Ex JWO Vishwanath Singh Tiwari
7. 258575-N Ex JWO Prithvi Shiv Raj
Current Status: OA 1589/2016 Ex JWO Gangaram Tikare & Ors. (Petitioner)
UOI & Ors. (Respondent) 07-02-2017
06-12-2016view PDF
with MA 1194/2016
OA 1362/2016, GUTTA NARSIMHA & Others, Total:13 Members
S.No Name
1. 625428-G Ex JWO Nagendra Singh Rajput Rdo/Fit
2. 677731-L Ex JWO Bijendra Dagar AF/Fit
3. 683610-T EX JWO Rajendra Singh Yadav Rad/Fit
4. 676314 Ex JWO Musale Santosh Vasant AF/Fit
5. 639599-K Ex JWO AK Garg Rdo/Fit
6. 690323-A Ex JWO Uttam Kumar Badooni Rad/Fit
7. 690339-N EX JWO Suresh Kumar Khanduri Rad/Fit
8. 6183138-R Ex JWO MC Rajoria Rdo/Fit
9. 643503-F Ex JWO Rajender Singh Eng/Fit
10. 281532-S Ex WO J N Sharma Elect/Fit
11. 690825-S Ex JWO Palani Ramesh Rad/Fit
12. 684320-G Ex JWO Shashi Bhushan Rad/Fit
Current Status: OA 1362/2016 Ex JWO Gutta Narasimha Rao & Ors. (Petitioner)
UOI & Ors. (Respondent) 22-12-2016
02-11-2016view PDF
with MA 1026/2016
OA 1174/2016, BAVISHETTY & Others, Total: 15 Members
S.No Name
1. 690852-L, Ex JWO Ashok Kumar Chauhan Rdo/Fit
2. 67188-B EX JWO Subhash Chandra Sharma Eng/Fit
3. 684865-K, EX JWO Ranchhore Sinha Rad/Fit
4. 683681-S EX JWO Devendra Kumar Gupta Rad/Fit
5. 677689-B EX JWO Barad Govinda Krishnasa Eng/Fit
6. 6275299-F EX JWO B K Tyagi Eng/Fit
7. 680514-T, EX JWO Lalit C Pandey Rdo/Fit
8. 684360-F, EX JWO Yogesh Kumar Sharma Rdo/Fit
9. 682277-T, EX JWO Seeta Rama SastryKannepalli Rdo/Fit
10. 682408-T EX JWO Jayakumar P Rdo/Fit
11. 691533-L, EX JWO Sunil Kumar Pathak Rad/Fit
12. 677072-S, EX JWO Katkati Mahmad Siraj AF/Fit
13. 684057-G,EX JWO Mahesh Shanker Dwivedi Rdo/Fit
14. 684278-S, EX JWO Rambir Singh Chauhan Rad/Fit
Current Status: OA 1174/2016 Ex JWO Bavisetty Srinivas & Ors. (Petitioner)
UOI & Ors. (Respondent) 22-12-2016
02-11-2016view PDF
03-10-2016view PDF
with MA 884/2016
OA 1153/2016, KRISHNA KUMAR SHARMA, Total: 20 Members
S.No Name
1. 677688-S, Ex JWO Vijay Pal Singh Eng/Fit
2. 683582-A, EX JWO Shiv Prasad Swarnkar Rdo/Fit
3. 682321-A, EX JWO Chandra ShekharBaireddi Rad/Fit
4. 638406-G EX JWO G.Srinivas Reddy Rdo/Fit
5. 681349-EX JWO Muthuvinayagam S Rdo/Fit
6. 677709-T, EX JWO Rajiv AmbadasPatil AF/Fit
7. 624909-G, EX JWO Ram Narayana Pandey Inst/Fit
8. 696720-H, EX JWO Subhash Kumar Sinha Eng/Fit
9. 677086-S, EX JWO Md Qurban AF/Fit
10. 684271-B EX JWO Kulveer Singh Panwar Rdo/Fit
11. 680068-N, EX JWO JuturPratap Reddy Rdo/Fit
12. 690477-L, EX JWO Kripa Shankar Tripathi Rad/Fit
13. 682206-A, EX JWO Anil Kumar Chaturvedi Rdo/Fit
14. 690666-G, EX JWO Rajendra Prasad Yadav Rad/Fit
15. 680469-A, EX JWO SahayakumarGaspar Rdo/Fit
16. 653208-S, EX JWO Nagendra Pal Singh Rdo/Fit
17. 677112-B EX JWO Herdeo Upadhyay AF/Fit
18. 677694-R EX JWO Sadawarte Deepak Namdeorao AF/Fit
19. 677060-K EX JWO Pathode Dilip Kumar Krushnarao AF/Fit
Current Status:OA 1153/2016 Ex JWO Krishan Kumar Sharma & Ors. (Petitioner) v/s UOI & Ors. (Petitioner) 07-10-2016 view PDF with MA 868/2016
OA 882/2016 , JWO ASHOK TANWAR & Others, Total: 10 Members
S.No Name
1. 684584-F, JWO Ramesh, Chandra Rad/Fit
2. 692147-L, JWO Om Prakash Gupta Rdo/Fit
3. 673912-A, JWO KulBhushan ADSO
4. 684862-A, JWO Sribachha Mahapatra Rad/Fit
5. 683214-N, JWO Sewda Ram Chandra Singh Rdo/Fit
6. 681094-B, JWO Ravindra Kumar Rdo/Fit
7. 681094-B, JWO Ranvir Singh Malik Rdo/Fit
8. 690590-T, JWO Nand Kishore Phularia Rad/Fit
9. 683561-R, JWO Awadhesh Singh Rad/fit
Current Status: OA 882/2016 Ex JWO Ashok Kumar Tanwar & Ors. (Petitioner)
UOI & Ors. (Respondent) 16-12-2016
14-10-2016view PDF
19-08-2016view PDF
10-08-2016view PDF

Thanks to AFVAI Joint Secy. Ashok Tanwar who is following these cases.

Gurcharan Singh Sidhu
Chairman AFVAI

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